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Analogue Solutions Eurokorn - Eurorack

Analogue Solutions Eurokorn - Eurorack

Eurokorn - Eurorack Version

Analogue Solutions

  • £538.80
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The Analogue Solutions Eurokorn Sequencer Eurorack Module Version is identical to the stand-alone non-euro version – except it does not have MIDI-Trigger, case, or power supply. This is because the MIDI sockets are on the rear of the case.

The Eurorack version is modules – it has no rear for MIDI sockets – and, there is no space on the front for any more sockets! It is full! Use our MT9 MIDI-Trigger module if you want a quick and easy way to sync to MIDI.

This is a module so you will need a suitable Eurorack case and power supply. 


  • 3 x CV channels, 2 x Gate channels,
  • 3 separate full 16 step CV channels
  • 48 CV knobs, 16 Gate switches, 17 LEDs
  • 84HP
  • 3U
  • 95mm Deep
  • CV control of Speed / Tempo.
  • Aluminium construction.
  • Case and power supply not included.

Manufacturer: Analogue Solutions

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