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Analogue Solutions Cranial Saw

Analogue Solutions Cranial Saw

Cranial Saw

Analogue Solutions

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The Cranial Saw is an advanced VCO / SUB eurorack module with glide, featuring a whole range of flexible modulation possibilities to appease even the most demanding musicians and euro enthusiasts.


  • Cranial Saw is a dual VCO with built in Sub oscillator, audio mixer, and many other useful features. It is a one stop choice for a good VCO package.
  • It features two discrete component VCOs based on early 1970s circuits so they sound very vintage and are full of character.
  • The dual VCO performs best in mid to low range, and combined with the Sub-Osc, produces huge, powerful sounds.
  • The main pitch CV input goes through a Glide / portamento circuit.
  • There are modulation CV inputs with attenuators. Also, VCO2 has its own CV Mod input.
  • Each VCO has a Pulse Width slider and PWM CV input sockets.
  • The VCOs also have Sync. Cross modulation is possible by taking the output of say VCO1 and patching this to VCO2’s Mod CV input.
  • The built in mixer allows the two VCOs and the Sub-Osc to be mixed via their own attenuators. The mixer has its own audio output of course, but the VCOs and Sub-Osc also have pre-mixer, fixed level individual outputs.
  • The two VCOs each can be switched between Saw or Square waveforms.
  • VCO1 can be set to ‘Freerun’. This means it will not track the incoming pitch CV.
  • VCO1 can be disconnected from the Glide circuit.
  • Features such as Freerun, and the Glide disconnect of VCO1, as well as individual Mod CV for VCO2, allow a great range of sounds and weird effects to be produced when cross mod is patched, or Sync used. A lot of thought has been put into all this. Please take a look at the videos on Analogue Solutions web site and YouTube channel for examples. The idea is to allow production of a wide range of VCO sound effects with the minimum amount of patched, though, of course, patching can be done.
  • All sliders incorporate a LED in their shafts. The Tune slider will flash in accordance to the pitch of VCO1.


  • 3U Eurorack module
  • 38HP wide
  • 25mm deep.
  • 285g weight.
  • Power consumption 15mA at 12V and 28mA at-12V.

Manufacturer: Analogue Solutions

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