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Allen & Heath GR05


Allen & Heath

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GR05 is a 5-input, 4-output analogue zone mixer for sound installations requiring 2 mic and 3 stereo line to up to 4 mono or 2 stereo zones.

Internal jumpers allow custom configuration protected for day-to-day operation by non-technical staff. Zone volume may be remotely controlled.

The GR05 has 2 microphone inputs and 3 stereo line inputs. These can be assigned to 4 zone outputs configurable in mono or stereo pairs and controlled by front panel or remote level controls.

Ducking, EQ and muting can be configured. Further inputs and outputs are possible using the expander system.


  • 2 mic inputs
  • 3 stereo inputs
  • 4 XLR outputs
  • Routing Matrix
  • Remote Control
  • Ducking
  • Expandable
  • Lock out system
  • Internal power supply



  • System
    • Output level control High performance VCA system; Front panel or remote DC control, assignable mute
    • Ducking Internal triggered by Mic1 and/or Mic2; External triggered by opto-isolated remote input; Selectable -10dB, -20dB, mute, fast, slow
    • Routing Assignable 9 x 4 x 2 crosspoint matrix; OFF, DIRECT or VCA paths to each output
    • Signal meters 3-colour LED for each input and output; Green = signal (–12dB), yellow = 0dB, red = peak (+15dB)
    • Mic1,2 equalisers LF ±12dB 70Hz shelf, H/MF ±14dB @ 300Hz to 6kHz
    • Output equalisers LF ±12dB 70Hz shelf, HF ±14dB 9kHz shelf
  • Inputs
    • Mic/Line 1,2 Balanced XLR pin2 = hot 2kohm -58 to –22dBu; Phantom power = +15V Pad 10kohm -28 to +8dBu
    • Stereo Line 3,4,5 Dual RCA phono 10kohm -10dBV or +4dBu
    • Expander In 1,2,3,4 Part of 25way D female 10kohm 0dBu
    • Remote DC 1,2,3,4 Part of 25way D female 0V = off, +10V.DC = max
    • Ext. duck DC Part of 25way D female opto-isolated switch to 0V
    • Backup DC Part of 25way D female min +/-12V, max +/-15V.DC 300mA per rail
    • Mains Power Input 3pin IEC male socket 47-63Hz 18VA max; Internally wired for country mains AC voltage: 100V, 115V (110-120V), 230V (220-240V); Fuse T630mAL 250V 20mm T315mAL 250V 20mm
  • Outputs
    • Zone out 1,2,3,4 Impedance balanced XLR pin2 = hot <75ohm; Trim adjustable –10dBV to +4dBu
    • Expander Out 1-4 Part of 25way D female as Zone 1,2,3,4 out
    • Remote DC ref Part of 25way D female +10V.DC 5mA max
  • Performance
    • Maximum output +20dBu into 2kohm
    • Internal headroom +20dB
    • Frequency response 20Hz to 50kHz +0/-1dB
    • Distortion < 0.005% THD+noise at +12dBu 1kHz
    • Crosstalk Better than 90dB shutoff, 80dB interchannel
    • Noise Mic EIN -128dB referred to 150ohm source; Line preamp -91dBu; Mix noise all routed < -86dB

Manufacturer: Allen & Heath

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