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Alesis 3632 Stereo Compressor Limiter



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The 3632 Compressor, builds on the popular design of the 3630 and combines ease of use with versatile features.
At just one height unit, the signal processor combines two independent compressors / limiters with extensive processing options. For fast changes, the attack and release times can be adapted automatically to the input material, for targeted work or creative sound design can be adjusted manually.
By two separate signal paths, it is possible to use the compressors either independently in dual mono mode or as a true stereo unit. In combination with the high-quality VCAs, the adjustable Expander / Gate provides a pleasant sound. The 3632 can be integrated optimally into effect paths via the sidechain function. In this way the pumping effects can easily be converted, which have already made the previous model into an insider tip for electronic music. Of course, this effect can also be avoided by cutting low frequencies by means of an integrated, switchable high-pass filter before processing.


  • Stereo Compressor / Expander / Limiter / Gate
  • Short signal paths for optimum sound quality
  • Intelligent knee for situations that require both soft and hard knee patterns
  • Intelligent Ratio adjusts to the input signal
  • Intelligent gain automatically adjusts output level
  • Adjustable attack and release times
  • Linkmode for real stereo operation
  • Automated attack and release behavior, based on analysis of the input signal, manual control possible
  • Control of both channels via channel A if link mode is activated
  • Sidechain Send and Return
  • Switchable low-cut filter minimizes pumping effect
  • Gain-Reduction LEDs
  • Switchable input / output LED indicators
  • Bypass switch for both channels

Manufacturer: Alesis

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