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AKG CU4000 Charging Unit

AKG CU4000 Charging Unit



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The AKG CU4000 Transmitter Charging Unit provides two charging compartments for simultaneous charge of two devices. An integrated microprocessor monitors battery status and calculates the remaining battery life.

It informs the user about the time needed to return to maximum service capability.

Integrated charging contacts allow the BP4000 battery-pack to be used separately or to remain inside the transmitter or receiver while charging on the CU4000.

The BP4000 plus CU4000 system helps to reduce battery costs as well as environmental hazards from used batteries.

Accurate remaining battery life intelligent charge count
for twelve hours of operation

One-hour quick charge
for HT4500 and PT4500 transmitters


  • Charger with two charging compartments
  • SPR4500 or BP4000 battery-packs
  • Smart current management system prevents overcharging and shows recovery time
  • Microprocessor-controlled life-cycle management with up to 1000 charging cycles

(Please note: Charging unit only, microphone and transmitter are not included)


Charging current 1.4 - 1.4 mA
Charging time 1 - 1.5 h
Number of charging slots for 2 HT4500, 2 PT4500, 2 SPR4500 or 2 BP4000
Voltage 12 to 12 V
Body Plastic
Finish black
Dimensions / Weight
Width 173 mm
Height 85 mm
Depth 30 mm

Manufacturer: AKG


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